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Your Guide to Good Foot Health


It tends to be only during the Summer months that people become concerned with the appearance and general health of their feet but its also important to take good care of them during the cold Wintery weather too. When you realise that Spring is around the corner and sandal weather is on its way, you can begin the journey of having healthy feet.


It is also very important to wear a good pair of correctly fitted shoes, boots, sandals etc as this is paramount to maintaining healthy feet. if they are too tight or too narrow, they are likely to cause pain, corns, callus and ingrown toe-nails.


During the Wintery months, the cold temperatures can leave your feet with dry cracked skin, especially around your heel area, so by moisturising your feet at least once or twice a day, will help prevent from continually happening.

There are various types of moisturisers available: some have petroleum or oil to help seal in moisture; Ointments that are 80% oil and 20% water; Creams are usually made up of 50% oil and 50% water; Lotions have a similar oil and water content but are made up with a lighter consistency, so may not provide the same amount of moisturising on the bottom of your feet.

In cases where there are dry cracked heels and a thick layer of hard skin, a good choice of moisturising treatment is a cream containing around 10% Urea. This particular chemical (Urea) helps to soften any had skin and allow moisturisers to penetrate whilst limiting the evaporation of water from the skin.

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